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Let Your Mom’s team tie on an apron and prepare your event from A to Z or customize and adapt our services to your needs. Your Mom’s can help you hand-pick DJs, non-musical performances, live acts, catering, special drinks, decorations, photographers, flyer designers, et cetera from our artists and from a broader roster as well. We have the skills and the experience to conceptualise different events ranging from corporate gatherings to night-club parties, research a chosen theme, organise a thorough branding and source all service providers. Your Mom’s guaranties your guests will remember such a homemade event for a long time.

We invite you to cruise through our website to find out about all the brands and artists we have collaborated with, and the events we have put together in Paris, London, Berlin, or Los Angeles among other cities, as well as the parties series we supported such as house bonanza Geradehaus, italo-disco champion Go Bang or the official Preview Berlin contemporary art fair after parties for four years.