Local Suicide’s news

Local Suicide have steadily refined their own shade of techno while growing their fan base and touring extensively for several years. Since their first release in 2014, they have had a few more tracks out, and now between the end of 2018 and early this year: Le Nez d’une Génération with Rodion on hfn music in December 2018, Vespertines Unite with Low Manuel on Nothing’s Real also in December 2018, and Komm Ins Loch with Theus Mago on Duro with remixes by Aera and Colossio out in January 2019 – review clip from Mixmag below.

Check out pictures of their winter tour in Asia, read about their biggest year so far on Big Shot, and stay up to date with their new releases and gigs via Facebook or their webzine.
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