Pimp your event

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Your Mom’s provides a wide selection of event services to help make your event and party organisation a breezing process.

Services include:
 Event photography (Lisa Wassmann) & video, photo or polaroid booths (Anto & Casio or Crystalmafia)
Video visuals & lights
 Pop-up art shows, art happenings, live graffiti or painting
Spoken word performances (Lady Gaby), open mics, readings
Collage ateliers, fun sport demos, Oh Shit! Speed Dating for Beginners
Stage dancers (burlesque, voguing, fire, contemporary performances…), dance karaoke
 Cocktails and catering (Japanese, Israeli, Indian, vegan, vegetarian, finger food, Barkin’ Kitchen…)
Guest management & invites, hosting or guestbook signing
Event CI/visual concept, flyer, poster and visual design, graphic design and printing (Dicey studios, Eurodance Studio or I Want Everything)

Check selected event photos there. If there’s anything you can’t see, we’re still pretty likely to have done it before so just drop us a line and we can talk about it.