Listen to Your Mom’s

Listen to Your Mom’s on Reboot FM features a varying lineup of YMA artists and friends. Since its initiation in August 2014, the show has taken over the FM band of the Berlin-based radio station every six weeks. So don’t forget to tune in to Reboot FM and enjoy hours of Your Mom’s shows!

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#24 – To start your Saturday night with Your Mom’s on the Radio, a mix by the iconic Professor Eric D. Clark “expressly for Y0 M0M’s and listeners”, enjoy the house and disco beats, and party on!


#22 – Your Mom’s on the Radio is back, with Chris, aka Inappropriate Touch, NYC DJ and instrumentalist based in Berlin. Get ready for an hour-long journey from energetic to atmospheric jazz, all the way down to more contemporary dance floor beats, with some cheese on top, all smoothly mixed to get your Saturday night started with urban and funky gusto.


#21 – Your Mom’s on the Radio feat Anna Cavazos helps you start your Saturday night with a techno and house mix including Sam Haas’ “Talking Colours” released on LA/NYC newest label Little Giant.


#20 – In this edition of Your Moms on the Radio featuring Katie Otro, Katie interviews DJ Red from Merida Mexico.

#18/19 – NYC/LA producer/vocalist/DJ Anna Cavazos  is back on Reboot FM for two hours of dance floor deep, minimal and vocal house to kick off your Saturday night festivities. One show was recorded in Berlin, the other one in Los Angeles.


#17 – This edition of Your Mom’s on the Radio by DJ/producer Katie Otro features UK/LA transplant Jesse Rose talking about techno, how moms make the best agents and LA rappers’ first raves.


#16 – Your Mom’s on the Radio Special Yo! Sissy Festival” edition presented and mixed by Magritte Jaco from Plateau Repas – also performing at the festival next weekend on July 29th and 30th! Yo! Sissy is THE queer event of the year featuring tones of live and DJ acts focusing on artists from the queer, female-identifying musicians and POC communities. You can check out how eclectic the festival lineup is via the track list of the show, from electro to urban, techno, house, pop… something for everyone to be happy and #dance2gether!


#15 -  This is Katie Otro’s second show for Your Mom’s on the Radio, with South African DJ producer Muzi. Katie plays her fav techno tracks and in between interviews Muzi who produces trap music, and tells us about his childhood and his beginnings at making beats.


#14 – First of a three episode series by DJ/producer Katie Otro. Katie recorded this show in LA with Eric D. Clark. They are both part of the Cali/Berlin artistic pendulum and talk about their releases, travel experiences, love and more for a cute fun hour.


#13 – Your Mom’s on the Radio, with VC Kristi, featuring heavy electro sounds to get your Saturday going till Monday morning! VC Kristi is a Berlin-Based Polish DJ/producer/vocalist, her sound is mostly influenced by UK bass as she’s lived there for a while.


#12 - VC Kristi is hosting you for an hour, back to the Goethe-Institut-Los Angeles on February 5th for a series of live concerts presented at our festival From Berlin to LA. This part of the lineup includes Carlos Oblivion & Black Replica, 19th Moon and Lucky Paul Friends.


#11 - Berlin-based singer, songwriter and DJ, Snax, talks about his upcoming album and plays a premiere from his upcoming release to disco DJ and host Glitterkink. Snax’ mix includes disco legend Eric D. Clark, Local Suicide, and even a cheeky bit of Janet Jackson.


#10 – Host and music blogger, Gabi Otero, is joined by Berlin musician and technologist​,​ Peter Kirn​, ​who’s​ ​curated a mix representing the audio lineup of ​Turn Around Bright Eyes, our new generation art show taking place on October 15th at Berghain, including live music, digital art, ​​video and​ ​audio installations.


#9 – DJ/producer/vocalist Anna Cavazos brings us the latest edition of our show, featuring a few of her own recently or soon to be released tracks, along with a few others that fit right in with her blend of vocal tech-house.


#8 – A podcast by Catherin, Anything Maria’s new wild side project. It’s techno, it’s sexy and it’s Parisian (bien sûr)!


#7 – For this radio show, Your Mom’s  is happy to welcome Female:Pressure reps Leah King on the mic and Kritzkom on the decks. Together they prepared a showcase of some of Female:Pressure’s members.


#6 – This episode of Your Mom’s on Reboot FM is by Vanessa Mitchell. Her show reflects friendships with a few fav producers and remixers of deep house, tech-house and modern vocal house.


#5 – For this installment, La Fraicheur jumped on the decks with a lovely collection of deep-house and techno tunes, featuring an exclusive preview of Catherin‘s first release.


#4 – This edition was a family affair with VC Kristi on the decks and Mary Ocher, Magritte Jaco and Andreas Krach on the selection.


#3 – This show was once again a duo affair, with Inappropriate Touch and special guest Bobby Starrr philosophizing about music, life in Berlin and if house is really just about the genre or about where it comes from. And who better than young NYC blood and a house monarchy UK representative to discuss the issue? Over one hour of deep house, tech-house and vocal house of course.


#2 – Our sophomore show was hosted by New-York through Paris and Berlin vocalist and DJ Mandel Turner. Navigating his way through all manners of old-school house, acid house, Chicago house, happy-house and tech-house, Mandel’s mix was centered on the vocal, and dare we call it “pop”, side of 4×4 music with tracks by Eric D. Clark, Billie Ray Martin, DJ Pierre and Roland Clark.


#1 – We inaugurated our radio show series with a Waves Festival special mixed by Mieko Suzuki and hosted by Electrosexual, celebrating at the Berlin Waves Festival pre-party before traveling to Vienna.
Your Mom’s artists Local Suicide, Electrosexual, Anything Maria and Mieko Suzuki will host a showcase at the Alte Post for the Waves Festival. Acid-disco, new-wave, techno and electro were on the cards and Mieko Suzuki’s mix for our first episode gave listeners an aural tasting session of what to expect from the showcase.