What does Your Mom’s do?
Your Mom’s Agency curates and produces experiences from A to Z; our specialty is conceptualising mixed discipline campaigns and events, and booking inclusive lineups of selected DJs, live acts, technologists, speakers, and visual artists. Your Mom’s is a friends business, we all work together because we like each other and each other’s work as well. We do it all with care for music as entertainment and as education, new tech, fashion, cinema, fine art, and lifestyle brands: ideation and strategy, scouting and booking, promotion, and production.

Why does Your Mom’s care?
Our team is a Murphy’s Law-resistant multikulti family; our artists are complementary but different and often versatile because we like music and partying to go beyond a techno mix dully played on a boring dance-floor. This love story with clubbing and cultural events started quite a few years ago in Tokyo when the word Minimal became a music genre. Since then, we have got our hands into the Paris and London clubbing, art, and fashion scenes before arriving in Berlin – and well, once you have partied in Berlin, it is pretty hard to leave… except to Los Angeles, the new club culture mecca, or to go back to where it all started in Detroit. From techno to house, going through electro, rock, hip-hop, and disco, or more experimental sounds, and on many a different type of bars, galleries, stores, or clubs; mirror balls never fade and keep on shining the promise of tomorrow’s exciting parties.

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