Berlin-based DJ duo and couple Brax Moody (Munich) and Vamparela (Thessaloniki) have been playing music together since 2007, either as a DJ duo, in bands, or as remixers and producers. Merge the rhythm and vibrance of Munich’s hip-hop clubs with the grime and attitude of Thessaloniki’s back-alley indie bars to get an idea on how to categorize Local Suicide: unique soulful fusion of house, deep-house, disco-house and techno… READ MORE


Anna Cavazos is a DJ, producer and vocalist living between Los Angeles, NYC and Berlin. Her love affair with house … More


Born in Moscow, raised in Tel Aviv, lives in Berlin. Over the last five years, Ocher became a rather prominent character in the European queer music world thanks to her powerful folk blues rock voice, her unsettling lyrics and her slightly out-of-this-world live performances…