Local Suicide

Local Suicide 2019 Press Photos by Petra Ruehle

The history of the DJ and producer duo and couple Local Suicide stretches back over a decade to the year 2009. Since meeting, Munich-born Brax Moody and Thessaloniki native Vamparela have collaborated together on various projects, all culminating in the conception of Local Suicide in Berlin. Local Suicide’s distinctive sound, is an energetic fusion of new wave, slow techno, post disco and acid house that they themselves have given the name technodisco, while Beatport declared them as one of the key figures in the uprising dark disco scene.

Their DJ career has carried them to all four corners of the world at Lollapalooza, Melt!, ADE, Off Sonar, Festival Forte, Reeperbahn, Berlin Festival and almost every club the German capital has to offer. Their live cuts have been honed to perfection with years of shows alongside the very best in the scene, even being invited by New Order to warm up for their live performance. This hectic schedule has taken them across Europe, Asia, North Africa, South America and the United States. As the faces behind some of the most prolific parties Berlin has to offer, these two were the driving forces of the infamous T.O.F.U (Too Old For Understatement) parties, which are just one of the many marks that they have left on the Berlin underground scene.

With solo and collaborative releases with Curses, Theus Mago, Rodion, Mijo, Alejandro Paz, Thomass Jackson, Younger Than Me, Kalipo, Skelesys, Franz Matthews and more on labels such as Bordello A Parigi, Multi Culti, My Favorite Robot, Roam, Duro, Ombra INTL, Tusk Wax, Chloé’s Lumière Noire, AEON, Ransom Note, and TAU, the duo had numerous releases reaching the top 10 iTunes, Beatport and Juno charts, and had massive playlist support by Spotify (Electronic Rising, Afterhours, Organica, Beats Alterlatinos, Balearic Beat) and Apple Music (The Underground,10s Electrónica Latinoamericana Essentials).

They got remixed by the likes of Iñigo Vontier, Moscoman, Fairmont, Sascha Funke, Bufi, Aera, Smagghe & Cross, Lauer, Chaim, Manfredas, NTEIBINT, Simple Symmetry, Italo Brutalo, Mufti, Tronik Youth to mention a few and did remixes for Digitalism, Tulioxi, Mentrix, Persona, FLXXX, Pyrame, and more.

The duo has had a stunning amount of press coverage from leading mags like DJ Mag UK/IT/US/LA/ES, Mixmag, FAZE, Groove, TRAX, Time Out, Tsugi, XLR8R, and Rolling Stone and has recently appeared in Fett & Fett, a series broadcasted on the biggest German national TV station ZDF in which their musical productions were featured extensively as well.

2021 was the year the duo launched their own vinyl and digital label Iptamenos Discos as well as indie dance band Dina Summer together with Kalipo, and 2022 is the year they release their first album Eros Anikate.