Local Suicide & Killerrr

Join Local Suicide + Killerrr this Saturday at Urban Spree to celebrate a night full of live acts – and a few birthday heroes. Organized by Local Suicide and Killerrr, the event features more than a couple artists from Your Mom’s roster.

Amongst the live acts are Dualesque and Yasmin Gate with visuals by Felix thecatElectrosexual (feat. Transformer Di Roboter) will be presenting his new release “Devolution” on KillerrrEC. Local Suicide and Lois Plugged & Fruckie will be spinning records. To celebrate Vamparela and Yasmin’s birthdays, Local Suicide invited DJ friends including Katzele and surprise guests, so you better come see yourself what the night will bring!
Free entry until 11.30pm to the garden, live shows start at midnight inside.

Check out what Killerrr, Local Suicide , The anything goes breakfast show have to say about Electrosexual‘s new release Devolution and give your ears some loving with his great guest mix for Novafuture.

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