Turning ∞ years old

On December 12 2020, we celebrate 8 years of YMA, 8 is a lucky number, it represents infinity… we hope that music stays with you forever and more ∞

We put together 8 tracks as a little sonic journey from techno via noise, electronica, and house to soul, from Detroit via Paris and L.A. to Berlin. Until January 15,  you can go to Soundcloud for complimentary downloads and click HERE to get stem nuggets from these very tracks to boost your own creativity or simply to catch a glimpse of how the music was made (terms of use HERE).

Thank you to all YMA supporters and thank you to the artists on our anniversary compilation!
And to Fourculture Magazine for the lovely write-up. YMA8 is also featured on Dublab‘s January highlights’ Sounds of Now.

Get schooled by DJ T-1000 aka producer, DJ, and Afro-futurist illustrator Alan Oldham, and enjoy some proper Detroit techno with New Acceleration.

Let Hyenaz‘ cry in the void reach you and enter their sonic world merging hurt and healing, drone and melodic sounds, carrying you to a better place in their piece Columns.

Some uplifting noise in Easy Moments made by Berlin’s favorite robot Krach Der Roboter showcasing their love for home-made synths and no input music.

Infamous Berlin trio Plateau Repas‘ motto is Sweat or Die, take baby steps into their hyperactive universe with their track Robotika.

“I love the light inside you’ll see, so bright it can’t be turned off”. Discover Eric D. Clark‘s new opus The Way and all its layers of sounds and meaning.

DJs and producers Alley Oop and Anna Cavazos partnered up to release Rescue, an atmospheric track sporting Cavazos’ haunting vocals and an understated yet elegant melody.

French producer and multi-media label owner Gonthier released De Taxi en Taxi as an ode to the city at night and her love of the clubbing scene and its dwellers.

London to Berlin transplant, DJ, producer and visual artist Infinite Livez presents his rework of Detroit meditative pop singer-songwriter Kesswa‘s piece Contemplate.