Your Mom’s showcase at Waves Festival

Austria we are coming for you and we smell fear… Your Mom’s is teaming up with Waves Festival in Vienna to host a showcase on October 4th.
Making the trip for the occasion is a supra-international Berlin and Paris dream-team composed of Electrosexual, Anything MariaMieko Suzuki and Local Suicide. Fresh from the release of his debut album Art Support Machine, Electrosexual will start the evening off with a synth-heavy live set. Anything Maria will be providing the audience with a healthy dose of pumping Electro and may even drop a couple of songs from her new secret project Catherin. Mieko Suzuki will deliver her patented blend of cerebral techno before handing over the decks to Local Suicide who, following the release of their debut EP We Can Go Everywhere  on Bordello A Parigi, will be flying the acid-disco flag high and finish the evening and the dancers off.

Tickets for Waves Festival are available here.


The Berlin-bound crowd will be able to get a tasting session at Cosmic Kaspar where we will be holding the Berlin pre-party on September 13th, with Mieko Suzuki, Electrosexual and Local Suicide playing throughout the whole night.
Join the fun and RSVP  here. Read about the event on the Waves Festival website and Local Suicide.

Your Mom’s will also inaugurate its radio show series on Reboot FM with a special Waves Festival episode, which will broadcast on September 30th. Following installments will air every six weeks.

Book Anything Maria, Electrosexual, Mieko Suzuki and Local Suicide worldwide HERE.