At Your Mom’s, we like to get fashionable when the occasion is right:

Berlin Alternative Fashion Week: launch event, local designers market, photo campaign
Berlin Dress: local designers market, fashion showcase, photo campaign
Berlin Fashion Week parties and catwalks: organisation at Mein Haus Am See, Prince Charles, Shift/Ohm… and at Cookies with LesMads
Body Shop: DJ booking
Carla Caminati: PR and showroom event
Esther Perbandt: placement at Los Angeles Fashion Week with the Goethe-Institut-LA
Fossil: DJ bookings in Berlin & Paris
K1X: in-store event
Patrick Mohr: hosting, light concept, DJ booking and collection teaser movie for three shows
Puma: taste maker event
Reebok: major Bread & Butter Berlin event with Swizz Beatz
The Wardrobe at Platoon:
DJ booking and booth
Uniqlo: DJ booking
VICE Events: DJ bookings, i-D party artist care, show management with Sharon Stone
Wedding Dress: local designers market