Ambient Ensemble live improvisation

Akai Pro, Headrush and Groove Magazine present Ambient Ensemble in partnership with Your Mom’s on Thursday March 29th at Tresor’s +4bar.

Following the success of our previous live improvs in L.A. and at Berghain with Rodent, Hito, Hyenaz, Simonne Jones, Autist, Delhia de France, Heare, and many more, we curated an ambient live improv featuring techno head Lady Starlight, post-punk chanson darling Anika, improv expert Obi Blanche, hypnotic vocalist Lyra, the whole moderated by Sky Deep.

Get your free ticket on Resident Advisor, and see how electronic music is born out of the studio, out of artists’ usual genre, and on to the stage before your eyes.

Read a review of the event on Groove Magazine and listen to an extract of the performance:


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