“A dark and witty journey through the aftermath of too much partying: last time we saw aMinus (third of French trio Plateau Repas), he was experimenting with a strange liquid in his video Morning After Thrill, the last excerpt of his second album Options.
In 2019 aMinus is back with his new single Rio, a slow burner electro-pop gem. Constructed around a roaring bass, atmospheric synths and 90s rave elements, the song meticulously unfolds into a claustrophobic club scene. Dark and ecstatic, Rio is the first single off his forthcoming album Dumb Bait to be released in the fall.” 
Text excerpt from the video premiere on Kaltblut Magazineand remixes on Soundcloud.

And before we jump to the next decade, aMinus releases his full album reviewed on Pop & Films – a mix of 90s rave nostalgia, mutant R’n’B and atmospheric synths – Dumb Bait, available via Bandcamp HERE. Dumb Bait is also the second single of the album, listen below and check out the print review by the Editor in Chief of Siegessäule Magazine
More about aMinus HERE,