Atonal x Hearing Berlin x Loop x OT x Sennheiser-Neumann x YMA

Text by Niamh Ingram for Mixmag & Mixmag Asia.

“Ahead of the return of its full festival in over four years, Berlin’s Atonal has announced a series of free workshops at Ohm, which will be open for those who cannot attend the festival. The project is supported by Hearing Berlin, Loop Session by Ableton, Orchestral Tools, Sennheiser-Neumann and Your Mom’s Agency, with a focus on composition and hearing health.

In the early evening of September 12, the program will start with OT’s interactive workshop by Alexander Hacke of avant-garde band Einstürzende Neubauten. Attendees are able to bring their laptop and headphones to compose with Hacke, who will discuss inspiration, the power of sound, and combining layers to create new soundscapes.

Meanwhile, Boris Kummerer of Neumann in collaboration with Sennheiser, together with producer, DJ, and label owner Mor Elian, will be on hand to provide feedback on artist’s own tracks should musicians want to share their composition in the coined Atonal Track Clinic.

The following day, Loop by Ableton are to present a discussion about hearing health, with Shapednoise – who made his recent album following a period of hearing loss – and Perila, before commencing a guided listening session.

Also on hand will be Hearing Berlin, who, for those that have pre-booked a spot, will be fitting custom-made moulded hearing protection. Prices for fitting (and the earplugs themselves) are either €99 or €129 at a heavily discounted rate. We hope clubs and festivals will adopt this template of streamlined production to make hearing protection affordable to more club goers, explains Nadia Says of Your Mom’s Agency on the original concept by French DJ and producer Olympe4000.”

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