Love Interlude by Anna Cavazos

After a creative break and some international studio time, Anna Cavazos comes back to the scene with a new EP vinyl release on Little Giant titled Love Interlude and featuring remixes by Mathias Vogt, Rick Wade, and Rissa Garcia.

As a seasoned DJ, producer, and vocalist, Anna shares part of her creative process for this new single: “I started playing around with an old Novation synth and the bass sound I stumbled upon was so deep it reminded me of an old Wolf Music track or something, so the bassline for this song came first. I accidentally bounced it so that it was a bit late in the mix and that sounded cool, so I kept it and then moved onto the keys. I played the chords I wanted and then asked my friend Matt Smith, who’s a brilliant composer, to re-play the keys and he absolutely smashed it! The vocal came after hearing his keys.
I wasn’t in a rush and I wanted it to sound a certain way, so I took the track with me to Italy where my friend Fabio Verardo and I really worked on making it sound rich and beautiful. I also re-recorded the vocals in Italy.”

Love Interlude has already received positive feedback from Session Victim, Nightmares on Wax, NTS, The Hacienda, Daisy Bell at Defected, Honey Sound System, Sonar Kollektiv, and Horse Meat Disco among many more. Get a preview now and order the vinyl from November 6th via the usual platforms.
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