Berlin Sounds x Images

Following the release of the compilations and soundpacks Detroit x Berlin in 2021 and Los Angeles x Berlin in 2022, Your Mom’s is happy to present Berlin Sounds x Images, a digital collectible compilation of Berlin’s sounds and images featuring multi-genre musicians and visual artists living in the German capital.

Discover nine drops every Friday from late October and to mid December, each is a unique match of a music act and a visual artist based in Berlin, the music genres vary from hip-hop to house, ambient to techno and more, the visuals showcase varied animations and still pieces.
For each release, collect one of the limited ten mini editions or treat yourself to the exclusive extended versions featuring a special gift from the musicians: a remix of your track by Eric D. Clark or Nerk from Toktok, a signed print from dvdv or Infinite Livez, have your horoscope read by Anika, enjoy Kyoka’s soundbath experience… make sure to keep up to date with each drop and get a souvenir of Berlin’s ever-evolving art scene.

We curated this compilation with the support of equitable marketplace Guzzu, the Berlin Sounds x Images compilation features, in order of appearance and with drop content info:
Eric D. Clark x Marianne Jacquet, collectors receive an animation by Marianne, two rare tracks and the chance to get your own track remixed by Eric. 
dvdv x Sadie Weis
, buyers receive a digital version of Sadie’s painting, an exclusive remix by Data Collaborate, and dvdv’s full originals album plus a hand-written note and a customised shirt for two lucky collectors.
Patric Catani x SHOXXX, head to Guzzu to collect an exclusive new song by the two artists plus an animated puppet tableau, and get one of your tracks produced by Patric.
Infinite Livez, you can now collect an exclusive acapella plus animation, and also choose a signed silk-print from Infinite Livez.
Byrke Lou shares excerpts of her morphing hyper-space built in virtual reality and live sound coding series with the hypnotic audio-visual piece ixi{*+}, collectable for a limited time on Guzzu, plus an intro to VR individual workshop.
• Grinderteeth x Harriet Davey‘s The Beloved, Possessed, Damned, Blessed is an audio-visual meditation on power and defiance, a stubborn refusal to back down in the face of violence. You can collect the piece as well as a creative voice inspirational workshop by Grinderteeth.
Anika x Rodrigo Cid,
mellow out and get absorbed by the psychedelic folk melodies and trippy liquid visuals, and heal the negative thoughts away. This drop can be collected along with an astrology reading by Anika.
Toktok vs. Soffy O x Nathaniel Eras, buyers will receive the remastered iconic song and the dreamscape video bite, plus a chance to get a track of theirs remixed by Toktok.
Kyoka x MXZEHN, collect the video (de)constructed by MXZEHN paired with an extract of Kyoka’s neuroscience sound research project New Music Syntax with a matching video; buyers can request the exclusive full sound bath audio.

You can also discover the tracks on dublab‘s platforms as they get released or listen to the podcast, and read about the compilation concept on Mixmag and Barbi(e)turix.