Bana Haffar | Alif

Vinyl-only techno Turkish label VENT just released Los Angeles-based modular-manipulator Bana Haffar‘s first LP Alif.
“Haffar’s goal seems not to disturb or confront, but to create richly-textured dreamscapes both soothing, and easy to get lost in. […] By the looks of her live sets, Haffar has more hardware than you can shake a patch cable at […] this doesn’t equate to a messy or over-complicated output. What is particularly notable on her contribution to VENT, is how restrained, and tasteful her use of this gear is, putting her strongest ideas forward, and running with them without the need for unnecessary frills.” read the full review on Stray Landings.

Besides releasing music, Bana tours in the USA, demos for Moog, and organises regular outdoor modular synth events in Los Angeles called Modular on the Spot.

Book Bana Haffar for European live sets HERE.