Eufonia Festival

Eufonia features international artists, scientists, psychologists, designers, and researchers who share the common medium of sound. Participants will explore the past, current, and future uses of sound in diverging areas of daily life, at the intersection of audio, art, and science. Eufonia will be asking crucial questions as well as showcasing key actors, technology, and institutions to answer them.

Join Flo Razoux, Nadia Says, and Sarah King to “touch sound” at their session on the 2nd at 4PM, The Physicality of Sound: an introduction to sensing vibrations: in this entry level interactive talk combined with a participatory experience, we will explore the presence of sound waves in our daily environment and their effects on the human body, among other examples. Join the discussion to learn more about why we like to feel the bass, and to identify similar common occurrences in your daily life.

At Acud on November 1, 2 and 3, RSVP HERE, more on #eufoniasounds


Ask us about music x tech x science talk and workshop curation HERE.