February’s podcast by Hanin Elias & Electrosexual

A winter podcast by Hanin Elias releasing the first album, It All Makes Sense, of her new rock band Fantôme, and Electrosexual releasing his single Tempelhof on March 7th from the album Art Support Machine that will be hitting the shelves in the spring of this year.  Don’t miss Fantôme’s first live show at White Trash on the 31st of january and Electrosexual’s release tour in Spain, Germany and France starting in March.

Sounds like a radio show, sounds like fun and friendship, sounds like rock-electro has so many facets to discover now!

Book Electrosexual and Hanin Elias live or DJ set internationally HERE.

Fantôme – Love – Electrosexual remix (Snow White 31/01/14)
Fantôme – The Key feat. Asia Argento – Lorenzo Montana remix (14/02/14)
Electrosexual – Tempelhof (Rock Machine Records 07/0314)
Electrosexual – Automatic People feat. Hanin Elias (spring 2014)
Fantôme – Je Suis à Toi (Snow White 14/02/14)
Electrosexual – Aussi Belle qu’une Balle feat. Emmanuelle 5 & Magritte Jaco (Unknown Pleasures 20/12/13)
Fantôme – Love (Snow White 31/01/14)
La Chatte – Sexe Jouet – Electrosexual remix (unreleased)
Fantôme – Future Heroes (Snow White 14/02/14)
A Split Second – Flesh (1986)
Fantôme – Get It Back (Rustblade 2011)