Let’s talk about…

Sometimes music talks for itself, and sometimes we need to talk about music and all matters revolving around it. We have been (co)hosting workshops and panels for a little while, to learn more about music and each other as musicians, music industry people, or simply music lovers. Some of our talks and workshops collabs include: SheSaid.So, Native Instruments, the Goethe Institut, Bold PR, Tech Open Air, CDM, ADE, Reboot FM, Soho House and many musicians, business people and journalists such as Bob Rutman, Zernell, Simonne Jones, Lucky Paul, Perera Elsewhere, Muzi, and vvvv, Basslet, Muzac, or XLR8R reps among others.

Two of our recent panels took place at Soho House on January 11th and 27th: Diversity in the Dance Music Scene and Pioneers of the Dance Floor. We talked about:
– diversity in the dance music industry with Dreea, Abba Lang, Annika Weyhrich, Leon Barth, Mad Kate & Olad Aden: ghettoisation, tokenism, assimilation or inclusion of different music genres and diverse communities or individuals, namely women, people of colour, disabled people, LGBTQA, etc. moving forward in 2017, in Berlin and beyond.
ageing in the music scene with Pit Schultz and Vanessa Mitchell, Britt Kanja, Cle, Eva Be, Günther Krabbenhöft, Sky Deep, Robert Owens, and Tyree Cooper: the artists, dancers, press, socialites and business people who made it and are still making it happen since the 80s till nowadays.

And the third panel, plus the following round of workshops, took place at Bold and the Goethe Institut in Los Angeles on March 3rd and 4th on the occasion of From Berlin to LA second edition with Native Instruments, SheSaid.So, Kim Anh, Doc Martin, Phyllis from A Club Called Rhonda, etc. 

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