Alexander Geist inks a new song 

©️ Elis Hannikeinen

Underground queer pop icon Alexander Geist is releasing his sixth single Any Instant Whatsoever. The track was recorded in Costa Rica this winter, and it was mixed and produced by Geist collaborator Philip Cornett in the UK, as a first solo release on Berlin label Wicked Hag. Wicked Hag has also just featured Geist’s 2018 track Far Worse on their Peak Shame compilation.
About the genre of the track, Geist says: I’ve moved through disco, new wave, gabber and seem to have arrived in a territory which is almost minimal contemporary classical music. This isn’t an accident. I wanted to see how far away from pop and the sound of Bad Language I could get, how far I can push the envelope before it turns to dust.
In keeping with Geist’s tradition of explorative releases, the single will be issued as a temporary tattoo.

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