Eric D. Clark’s news

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Eric D. Clark, strong of 30 years of career as a DJ and producer, keeps expanding his artistic horizon, always exploring new concepts and listening in for the unexpected in everything, everywhere.
This summer, Eric will be setting down his vinyl cases again in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Not only will he be holding a residency at Coral Beach Club but he will also participate in the presentation of the biggest bottle perfume in the world and will DJ the after party of the launch event.
Meanwhile, he will continue to maintain his Berlin residencies: The Lodge, and The T , sole proper tea dance in Berlin, hosted by Eric and Khan Of Finland every last Sunday of the month at Paloma.
In terms of releases, Eric keeps busy with a new video for his uplifting vocal house track with Westbam, Turn It Up.
And later in June, he is to team up again with Whirlpool Productions colleague Hans Nieswandt for an EP on Foot Job (Hamburg) before a solo release as Sr Sapo on Pomelo recordings.

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