April’s podcast by La Fraîcheur

A marathonian jukebox girl from Paris via Montreal, La Fraicheur has been brewing her own blend of electro-synthetic-deep-house-techno-tropical beats for over a decade. Swinging her shaker around, she smoothes the audio-goodies down for the world-wide audiences to shake their bodies and melt to.

La Fraîcheur shares her yearning for spring in her energetic and juicy mixtape. A mixtape that features artists from the label she co-runs with Leonard de Leonard, Leonizer Records, including Rodeo who will release her début LP on the 14th; and a full dose of deep house, electro and a pinch of dub as a call for open air parties, friends, smiles and happiness in the sun.

Dixie Yure – By Defection
Marco Barotti – The Flames (Lars Moston remix on Leonizer Records – EP released in March 2014)
Full Intention – Icon
Delect – 97 (Klaaar’s Conscientious Dark Beats remix on Leonizer Records – EP released in 2013)
Soul Button – Inspiração
Eleven Eleven – Tourist Trap (La Fraicheur edit – Jones VS Gerber)
Sasse – Treat Me (Stripped Dub)
Martin Landsky – Morning Caffeine
Rodeo – The Womp (on Leonizer Records – LP released on April 14th)

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