Berlin Dress 0.1

There is a new festival in town and Your Mom’s is in on the action! From August 30th to September 1st, Berlin Dress 0.1 will be gracing the halls of Platoon Kunsthalle for its debut appearance. A brainchild of BERLINPIECES – creators of WeddingDress – the event presents the work of over 50 selected Berlin designers for sale including Aurelia Paumelle, Vava Dudu, Tata Christiane or Sopopular. Be witness to the birth of a diverse and tasteful community; a showcase of Berlin fashion culture from its most sophisticated to its everyday. It is a celebration of a core Berlin industry that is constantly shaping the city’s identity. Explore Platoon Kunsthalle’s 33 containers, the factory, and 4.000 m2 of open space which will be bursting with some of Berlin’s best.

And wait, there’s more! Enjoy a program of short films, fashion-art happenings and a vogueing performance led by Quincy Junor & Leah King, and of course a line-up by yours truly. Come peruse the racks and vibe to the sounds of Mandel Turner, Elbee Bad, Moon&Mann, Andreas Krach, Plateau Repas, Hanin Elias, Aniaetleprogrammeur and Mieko Suzuki.

This is only the beginning as Berlin Dress will be expanding throughout other German cities, taking part biannually in Berlin’s Fashion Week, and revealing an internet platform in January 2014. To find out more HERE.




Text by Anaii Lee Ender, photo campaign for Berlin Dress by Valquire.