Beirut x Berlin

BEIRUT x BERLIN is an exchange residency program between artists, technologists, and curators from our two favorite B-cities. We join forces with iconic Beirut cultural hub Riwaq  to launch a residency program focusing on the intersection of music, AV technologies, and societal reflection. The program consists of Beirut and Berlin artists visiting each other’s city, mentoring workshops centered on music tech, and creating new music collaboratively to be showcased both IRL and URL, plus an open source soundpack. The program is funded by the Goethe-Institut Libanon, with the support of mim, Moog, Orchestral Tools, and Elektron.

Beirut x Berlin aims to foster existing connections between the two cultural hot spots, making introductions between new-comers interested in each other’s cities and artistic or technological practices, opening this connection to the public both locally onsite and worldwide online, and incorporating progressive approaches to every step of the project. Our first focus artists, in Beirut and in Berlin respectively, are:
x Elyse Tabet: AV live performer and expert technician, DJ, arts instructor in higher education, community organiser, and co-founding member of the Beirut Synthesizer Center.
x Anthony Sahyoun: guitar and electronic musician, composer for films and installations, producer at Tunefork Studios, and programmer of acoustic elements electronic processor to be premiered at the residency.
x Zeina Azouqah aka Zazuka: Circassian performer from Jordan, soundpack specialist for Orchestral Tools, Native Instruments, and Steinberg, producer, film scorer, and music teacher.
x Peter Kirn: American of Lebanese descent founder of famed blog CDM, mentor at CTM hacklab, electronic producer and performer, music tech speaker/lecturer/writer.

x More info on workshops in Beirut on February 8, 9, and 10, plus concert on the 10th, and workshops in Berlin on April 7, 8, 9, plus concert on the 9th, coming up soon.
x View the press release, download visuals.