Eric D. Clark joins the family!

On the occasion of Eric D. Clark‘s arrival at Your Mom’s, we asked up-and-coming writer Evan Musgrave for a few words about Professor D. Clark.

“With two decades of lighting up Europe’s dance floors wither side of raucous stints in his native USA, Eric D. Clark is truly a Transatlantic phenomenon. Just as his geographical location is often hard to pin down, his part techno, part house, part disco sound displays an elusive quality that is creatively amorphous yet undeniably vibrant and cosmic. Clark often doesn’t exactly aid the matter of pinning down his sound, eschewing many titles put on him and taking issue with the tag of ‘minimalism’ as a whole, preferring to just casually label his work simply as ‘dance music’.
The most effective means of appreciating Clark’s beats is to surrender to the unpredictability and allow the sounds of this prodigious classically trained pianist’s hands master and exalt your senses. As he continues to steam up dance floors around the world, Clark keeps his devoted fans eager for more.”
By Evan Musgrave.

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