Signal Tide

Here is a little story of how art and music meet science with Berlin-based duo Kovács/O’Doherty (remember their durational installation Increments) . After reading an open call from the LACMA, they submitted their idea of using audio from an abandoned, resurrected satellite that had been in orbit around the earth for the last half a century. Signal Tide would become a “sound and extraterrestrial radio installation.” The project was a perfect combo of science, music, and art, and they were selected.
The happening starts on September 21st in Los Angeles; we will follow the satellite signal on the LACMA ground thanks to the 3D-printed DIY speakers made by the artists, accompanied by sounds from Montréal post-rock collective Godspeed You! Black Emperor – who, by the way, are releasing their new album Luciferian Towers and just started a European tour.

Read more about the full project on Fourculture Magazine or on the dedicated blog.