We Make Waves

Your Mom’s has organised number of panel discussions and informal public talks, check out our previous series HERE.
This fall, we’ve already had a chat with photographer videast Matthew Rolston at Soho House on the occasion of his book release, as well as a panel featuring INGrooves’ Arielle Fischer, NI’s Kalam Ali, Patric Catani, Pawas, and Akai’s Sandira Blas about the future of music in e-times and space, i.e. how digital techniques and services are constantly changing how we make, sell, and promote music.

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This week, we are getting ready for Build Your Own Tribe panel at We Make Waves Festival + Conference for Women, Trans + Non-Binary People in Music, a series of discussions, workshops and live shows, with Dai Burger after this talk on Saturday 11th night. The roundtable conversation moderated by YMA’s founder Nadia Says, with Berlin collectives Yo!Sissy, New World Dysorder, female:pressure, Meetup, and Reclaim the Beats will discuss what grassroots organizing looks like, what inspires them, and the challenges of building something from scratch.
Read the review from Berlin Art Link HERE and listen to the panel recording:

Inquire about talk & panel curation HERE.