From MENA to Berlin

Broader MENA Region artists have been exchanging with the West, especially Germany, since the beginning of recorded music in terms of business, and since forever in terms of musical influences. The exchange has never stopped, some artists like Nicole Moudaber or Omar Souleyman have reached global fame, and here some hand-picked familiar names in Berlin across diverse genres: 6zm, Ah! Kosmos, Bana Haffar, Dystopic Symptoms, Hanin Elias, Khadija, Mentrix, Peter Kirn, Rasha Nahas, Samo Rane, Sarah Kivi, The DarvishWizzy, and Zazuka, all showcased in Berlin’s Habibis. And we also had the occasion to curate some MENA artists’ participation in a digital show by the Goethe-Institut Gulf including WYWY and The Finches on top of some of the above names.

Visit Love, Labour, Leisure, the web exhibition hosted by the Goethe-Institut Gulf, Music in Exile section curated by Nadia Says at YMA.

Check out the newly launched Beirut Synthesizer Center whose team will give a workshop about getting into modular synthesis for our EXP__ platform, and listen to some EXP__ winners including Tammy Lakkis, Mentrix, and 6zm – who just released their new EP Dots.

Tune in dublab late July for the Berlin’s Habibis show and listen to Yha Yha, Prïss, Verdult, Leila Moon, and Berlin’s Meltdown in the archive, plus Reboot FM’s archive with Victoria Kasar and our Berghain audio souvenir with Peter Kirn – whose music tech blog CDM features lots of ME and Lebanon electronic music news.

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Berlin’s Habibis‘ illustration by Hala Ghatasheh, radio show archive coming up soon.