dublab is a pioneering online radio station based in Los Angeles; our on-going collaborations started with the From Berlin to LA project series spanning over four years with four multi-venue festivals, and keeps going with regular program sessions.
Dublab is a nonprofit and accepts donations HERE.
And here is our radio show archive to (re)discover sets by YMA’s artists and friends.

Hyenaz x Peter Kirn x Nadia Says: dublab.com/archive/hyenaz-peter-kirn-and-nadia-says-berlin-meltdown-06-29-21
Almevan & Sean Tate The Butcher
: dublab.com/archive/almevan-with-the-butcher-guest-session-04-29-21
, March 2021: dublab.com/archive/priss-guest-session-03-30-21
White Ring
, March 2021: dublab.com/archive/white-ring-everything-is-fine-03-11-21
Leila Moon,
January 2021: dublab.com/archive/leila-moon-mena-region-mix-01-29-21
, December 2020: dublab.com/archive/angel-guest-session-12-22-20
Verdult, November 2020: dublab.com/archive/verdult-guest-session-11-29-20
Yha Yha, October 2020: dublab.com/archive/yha-yha-guest-session-10-30-20
Justine Perry, September 2020: dublab.com/archive/justine-perry-guest-session-09-30-20
Eric D. Clark, August 2020: dublab.com/archive/eric-d-clark-guest-session-08-29-20
Tyree Cooper, August 2020: dublab.com/archive/tyree-cooper-guest-session-08-10-20
Snax, July 2020: dublab.com/archive/snax-guest-session-07-31-20
Cindy Wonderful, July 2020: dublab.com/archive/cindy-wonderful-guest-session-07-23-20
Gonthier, May 2020: dublab.com/archive/gonthier-guest-session-05-19-20
Alan Oldham, May 2020: dublab.com/archive/alan-oldham-guest-session-05-11-20
Anna Cavazos, October 2018: dublab.com/archive/anna-cavazos-from-germany-to-la-mix-10-02-18
Eric D. Clark, October 2018: dublab.com/archive/eric-d-clark-guest-session-10-11-18

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