Los Angeles x Berlin compilation

Following the success of the Detroit x Berlin compilation released in December 2021, YMA partners up again with Springstoff to publish Los Angeles x Berlin, another multi-genre collection repping artists from both cities in each track, complemented by its open-source soundpack presented by dublab and complimentary NFT, the whole supported by the Consulate General of Germany in Los Angeles.

We started connecting Berlin and LA talents in 2016 with events such as From Berlin to LA 2016 and 2017, A Partial Eclipse of the <3 at Berghain, Berlin Lab, and From Germany to LA, and the EXP__ campaign; artists from this new new compil are all connected to these fruitful exchanges.

#LAxBerlin cover is designed by Tom Singier, the compil is mastered by Andreas Krach, and as per YMA tradition of offering a platform to eclectic genres, it features techno, electro, electronica, ambient, and experimental pop by Bison Rouge, Cafe Ale, Conscious Summary (Handbag Factory), Crook, Daniel Troberg, Dylan Wexler, Häana, Khadija, Kosmik (Black Lodge), Kyoka, Luka Fisher, Mentrix, Nbor, Nomadico (aka Dex from UR), Perera Elsewhere, Peter Kirn, Rainbow Arabia, Sarah Kivi, Tavella, The Allegorist, VLQR, and Wavelords.

#LAxBerlin is available on all streaming and downloading platforms and Bandcamp, the soundpack is live via dublab’s Soundcloud and Bandcamp, and the NFT is up for grabs on Opensea.
#LAxBerlin is featured in MixmagBerlin-LosAngeles by BOLD, CDMdublab and Reboot FM (twice) radio stations, and Digital in Berlin sheds some light on compil artists Kyoka.

1. Kyoka – Spoiled 130BPM | Kosmik + Nomadico remix 5:30
2. Daniel Troberg – Give Energy | The Allegorist remix 5:48
3. Rainbow Arabia – Plena | Peter Kirn remix 4:41
4. Nbor vs. Dylan Wexler – Perpetual Destruction | Sarah Kivi blended mix 3:44
5. Häana + Bison Rouge – Seli 3:19
6. Khadija – Garden | Luka Fisher remix 4:31
7. Perera Elsewhere – Translate Optimizer | Cafe Ale remix 4:16
8. Mentrix – If | Conscious Summary remix 5:38
9. Tavella – No Checks, No Balances | Crook remix 3:44
10. Wavelords – Currency | VLQR remix 3:56