Your Mom’s On The Radio | 2/3

Listen to Your Mom’s on Reboot FM features a varying lineup of YMA artists and friends. Since its start in August 2014, the show has taken over the FM band of the Berlin-based station every four to six weeks, and since 2018, shows also play on NYC FC Radio.
Tune in to Reboot FM and enjoy hours of Your Mom’s on the Radio!
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#79 – Celebrating 10 years of Your Mom’s with an eclectic selection by YMA founder Nadia Says, showcasing tracks by acts playing our anniversary bash and featured on the LA x Berlin compilation. Warm thanks to our hosting station Reboot FM, to all the ultra talented artists we work with, to all our supporters, partners, and of course to the audience!

#78 – French DJ Minibulle presents a risqué electronica and techno mix featuring a few friendly names such as Anika and Perel, and made to dance while readjusting your reality to her dark yet fun aural universe.

#77 – Secret radio show, only aired live.

#76 – While Reboot is on a summer, we invited dublab’s programmer Rachel Day for a residency on Fourculture Radio, chilled and eclectic set live every summer Friday at 7PM EST.

#75 – For this last Beirut x Berlin special, we invited Armenian-French DJ, producer, and promoter Almevan (Discordance) to feature her eclectic techno set recorded in Beirut during the artist residency exchange.

#74 – Happy to welcome dublab director, long time friend, and project partner Alejandro Cohen, presenting his Musica de Fusión de Argentina Mix. Dive into his eclectic selection and discover more of his curation on dublab and various compilations.

#73 – Following Anthony Sahyoun’s mix on the occasion of the Beirut x Berlin residency exchange, composer, DJ, and journalist Peter Kirn presents a live, one-take mix from Japan, Iran, Mexico, Armenia, Lebanon, Berlin, and Ukraine.

#72 – As the Beirut x Berlin residency exchange program approaches, Beirut-based producer Anthony Sahyoun showcases some of his favorite pieces of the moment in a fluid, avant-garde, mostly electronic mix.

#71 – On the occasion of the Detroit x Berlin compilation being recently released, Detroit’s Princess of Darkness Tiffadelic presents a few of her favorite tracks from local artists, plus a few tracks from the compilation itself.

#70 – Magritte Jaco of trio Plateau Repas, DJ, curator, and fine artist is back on Your Mom’s On The Radio for yet another end of the year eclectic set mixing pop, electronica and dance tracks, good vibes and high hopes for the next year.

#69 – Local Suicide present an hour of Dark Disco with an opening track from their freshly launched label Iptamenos Discos. The two DJs/producers have been busy touring again and working on their first album set to be released in 2022.

#68 – Eric D. Clark provides a vibrant lesson in dancefloor DJing, taking the listeners from KW’s 30th anniversary through a magic back door to the party hype area… put on your dancing shoes and enjoy.

#67 – AV collective Lumin./Essence curated a fund-raiser for Wildlife Act, a non-profit preserving endangered species in South Africa, here is a live recording of the ambiant set by Hypnotic Black Magic.

#66 – Berlin x Istanbul DJ, producer, and community organiser 6zm delivers a clubby mix going from lighter to darker shades of dance music on the occasion of their releasing new EP ‘Dots’ reviewed on RA.

#65 – On the occasion of her single release I Don’t Fit In, Gonthier put together an energising dance mix featuring influences from the new voguing scene and UK House, plus catchy pop lyrics to sing along.

#64 – Producer, DJ, vocalist, and label owner Anna Cavazos (Little Giants Records) put together an uplifting house set with spoken words to get this mix closer to your heart.

#63 – Guest show by The Love Team aka First Lady and Hugo H, a DJ duo based in Chicago, mixing high vibe funk, soul, classic, and vocal house – only aired live!

#62 – DJ, producer, and community organiser Almevan from Marseilles hosted a house and techno show featuring a vinyl set by DJ/producer/host Sean Tate aka The Butcher from Detroit.

#61 – White Ring are back with their new album Show Me Heaven, and for the occasion they prepared a special radio show, EVERYTHING IS FINE, an hour of slow burning sounds that lets you into the band’s universe.

#60 – Punk disco queen Gaff-E’s Megatron Gemnastic radio show radiates sun-kissed high vibe and cheeky energy all the way from Australia to Your Mom’s listeners.

#59 – New World Dysorder co-founder Yha Yha delivers an uplifting and high energy dance mix featuring global bass, house, techno, and more for Your Mom’s listeners.

#58- Your Mom’s welcomes Bali to Berlin transplant Angel, for an hour of classical and deep electro sounds-infused ambient, here is a show made to relax and dream on.

#57 – Following a digital encounter via Radio Al Hara, Leila Moon mixed an eclectic set with too many influences to quote, showcasing the wide spectrum of her DJing style and skills.

#56 – For this radio mix, LA-based DJ and curator Verdult brings an energetic 90s revival with a cyberpunk flair, enjoy the trip from indus house to techy electro.

#55 – Glad to welcome back on our show Lebanese rising star DJ Prïss for an hour of soulful and good vibe house and electronica.

#54 – Afrofuturist artist and Detroit/Berlin DJ and producer Alan Oldham takes over Listen to Your Mom’s for a one-hour mix of shoegaze and goth.

#53 – French producer, DJ, drummer, and third of eurodance trio Plateau Repas, aMinus mixed an hour of electro and pop soundscape for a dreamy mood by the pool of your imagination.

#52 -Your Mom’s welcome Cindy Wonderful once more for a Baton Rouge Locals Only special. In this energetic show, she shares some of her favourite tracks made by BR locals only, ranging from pop to hip-hop, to punk rock.

#51 – For this quarantine mix, new roster artist Gonthier curates an uplifting set of Jersey House, ballroom beats, some hiphop and a few more influences mostly from Paris, Berlin, NYC, and Detroit to dance the gloom away.

#50 – We welcome Berlin’s darling selector DREEA on our official roster. To celebrate joining the fam, DREEA curated this smooth mix travelling between different genres of RnB all the way to sunnier beats, all with a very chilled mood.

#49 – To celebrate the release of his last track, Transparent, Alexander Geist mixes an hour of eclectic electronica and pop featuring artists from past and current collaborations such as Mary Ocher, Bendik Giske, and Molly Nilsson.

#48 – SF/LA/Istanbul up-and-coming selector Victoria Kasar from Vix Vapor Rub on BFF Radio serves us a surprising and upbeat guest mix, made for techno dance floors with a happy ravy twist.

#47 – Seasoned club and radio (RIP TwenFM) DJ and producer Optibob takes over Your Mom’s on the Radio for an hour of feel-good club music featuring but not limited to deep house, tech house, UK garage, and Afro house.

#46 – French selector based in Berlin and founder of AV event collectives Art Bei Ton and Ambient Sleepers, Hypnotic Black Magic mixes atmospheric ambient, electro, and techno, to ease you into the rave mood for the weekend and beyond.

#45 – On the occasion of The Potential,  Your Mom’s On The Radio presents ETTA, a young promoter, curator, and DJ mixing funk, house, techno, and hip-hop tunes representing the diversity of the Detroit scene with DeBarge, Alan Oldham, Robert Hood, and upcoming Bale Defoe among others.

#44 – Thrilled to present a show by Barcelona-based, previously Berlin, DJ and producer Da Silva (Moon&Mann, Modern Obscure Music) for an hour of first-class chilled dance music including Italo Disco, Cosmic Disco, Balearic, and electro tracks.

#43 – New show featuring Berlin-based Japanese DJ-producer Halada, the new recruit of techno collective Art Bei Ton, enjoy an hour of ambient, drony, indus and elecrto techno, all in one mix for a long night on the dancefloor.

#42 – Curator and musician Cindy Wonderful mixes fun and hyper electronica and underground hiphop from Berlin and Baton Rouge, Louisiana in Your Mom’s On The Radio new show featuring Mary Ocher, Peaches, Hyenaz, and many more.

#41 – Anna Cavazos and Kim Anh teamed up for a mix special From Germany To LA festival, organised by the Goethe-Institut and Your Mom’s, that brought together: Anna Cavazos and Kim Anh, plus Tyree Cooper, Eric D. Clark, Lady Stralight, Tensnake, DJ Hell, Alan Oldham, Mouse on Mars…

#40 – Your Mom’s on the Radio feats esteemed guest DJ from Underground Resistance, Mark Flash. A hyper energetic techno mix with some acid sounds, some housy melodies, striking vocals, touches of Afro-beats… as if you were in techno motherland Detroit!